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1. Take a money paper. The paper should be in a 1X2 proportion. If not it can be sized by folding as in the black painting.

Fold the paper to half in the middle and open back.
2. Fold each side to the center (as lined in the previous folding). We have a window square.
3. Take the upper-right corner and fold inside it. Do the same in the bottom-right corner. You can see the folding in the sketching. 4. Do the same on the left side and you should get a diamond shape.
5. Take the upper right point and fold inside and down. A small square should be created. 6. Do it on all 4 sides.
7. In each square fold the outer sides. Press one finger to hold one half and the other finger to push and fold the rest side part. This should create a diamond, as in the picture. 8. Do the same on all squares.
9. On each side corner fold about 10mm to the back. The picture shows a front view (and the folding is behind). 10. Rear view. Now fold the upper corner down.
11. And it should look like this. 12. The beautiful heart!