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1. Take a money paper. 2. Fold the paper to 3 equale parts.
3. Open back one of the folding (and leave the other folded). 4. Fold the paper to half along its length, and open back.
5. Fold the upper and lower part to the center (you can find the center using previous folding lines). 6. Turn over the paper, and fold about 5mm of the left corner.
7. Turn the paper back and fold diagonally in the same side. This will be the shirt collar. 8. From the paper center, take each corner and fold out in a diagonal line. These will be the shirt sleeve.
9. Now fold the paper horizontally in the center. Put the sleeves part under the collar edges. Tighten well and you have the final shirt. 10. Rear view (the side you don't present).

למי שקשה לו לעשות את החולצה לפי ההסברים הנה שרטוט מפורט של התהליך.