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1. Take a money paper, fold to half and open back. 2. Fold the upper corners down and inside to create a triangle (isosceles).
3. Take the same corners and fold from the inside part back. Open back, we will use it later. 4. This part is a bit hard (at leaset to explain). Turn the paper so the clean part is above. Fold the paper from the bottom center part up to the center. During that the right and left corner should also fold to each other. The picture show the middle of the step, but you should continue until the paper is tight to a triangle.
5. Fold the left corner to the right and on the other side the right to the left. The result should be as the next picture with a sticking out triangle head behind (as painted here). 6. The resultů (don't give up now!)
7. The result from the other side (see the sticking out triangled head). 8. Flaten the sticking head forward. It should look like a bat with a diamond head now.
9. Double fold the diamond head a bit inside, so only part of it is shown. 10. Also fold the diamonds sides a bit inside (don't worry if it is not too tightend, it should have some volume).
11. Now lets attach and tighten the wings to eachother. In the same direction, do it also to the body below. 12. Fold the wings down (as painted in the black line before). The line is a bit diagonal and not too near to the butterfly body.
13. Fold the wings again to the other side a bit after the previous fold. The picture is shown when the body is above. 14. Bottom view.
15. According to the painted lines fold one line below (or above the other). One of the lines is an existing folding from step 3 so use it. Each wing will now look like 2 and total of 4. 16. The finished butterfly!