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1. Take a square paper and fold to half horizinally and vertically. Open back and see you have a plus sign folding. Fold each corner to the center (see next picture). 2. The result is in diamond shape.
3. Turn the paper side and fold each corner to the center (in an opposite direction from the previous one). The result is even smaller… 4. Back view
5. Fold the paper horizonally to half, open back. Fold the paper vertically to half, open back. Picture show one side folding. 6. Game description: In the Kwa Kwa you paint each small triangle (half of each square) with a colored circle. On the other side of each one you write some nice thing (or not). Insert your thumbs and index fingures to the small created squares. Open and close to both directions several times and then you stop when one side is opened. The other boy selects a color and you read him the funny think below it.