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1. Take a square paper and fold according to the lines. All the blue lines should be folded to the same direction, same for the red lines. Next steps will explain. 2. Fold the square in a diagonal line to make a triangle and open back. Fold also to the other side and open back.
3. From a square paper (again) fold in the middle to create a half rectangle. 4. Take the bottom part of every side and fold up to create a more narrow rectangle. The side view of the folding should look like the letter W. Open back foldings to square and turn the paper a bit. Do step 3 and 4 again to the other side.
5. Grab the right bottom corner and fold left to be below the left corner. The paper "leftover" should be tightend to the right. The picture show the middle of the step. 6. Make sure that all edges are pointing to you. The result is kind of triangle with a sticking out center and edges.
7. Open the left over part (from the previous steps) and fold down with 90 degrees to the center. 8. Fold it again and tighten it to the existing lines/foldings.
9. This is the result from the other side. Try to drop Humpty from a chair and it will always fall on the same side!