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1. Take a square paper, fold to a triangle and open back. Do the same on the other side and open back. You should see an X folding. 2. Fold the paper half in horizinal and vertical directions and open back. These folding should be done to the opposite direction from the previous diagonal foldings.
3. Hold all opposing corners of the square and pull towards each other. Straighten the paper to a diamond. 4. Rotate the diamond so the upper part is "closed" and the lower is "opened".
5. Fold the left and right sides of the diamond to the center as described in the picture. 6. Same to the other side. Now fold the upper part down.
7. The resultů 8. Open back the last upper and side foldings (while the other side folding is left folded). In the lower corner hold both paper parts.
9. Separate them and open the diamond. The picture shows the middle of the step. 10. Continue until it is straighten as in the picture. Repeat from step 8 on the other side.
11. This is a side view of the result. Notice the inner triangle on one side. 12. Fold both of the diamonds sides again to the center.
13. Same in the other side. 14. Connect the opposite sides of this very thin diamond from both sides. In this you turn sides, the in is set out and the out is set in. This will soon be changed back.
15. Fold the bottom part up. 16. Same in the other side.
17. Remember what we did in step 14? Reverse it by connecting sides again and revealing the inside parts. Now hold the upper part. 18. Fold it down as much as you can (picture was turned a bit).
19. Same in the other side. These last folding creates the crane wings. 20. Fold one of the thin parts and fold to the half and to 90 degree angle. The folding is an inner folding.
21. Pull both of the thin parts outside, one to the left and one to the right. 22. Lift the wings a bit up. The picute shows an upper view.
23. The flying crane!