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1. Take a square paper, fold to a triangle and open back. Do the same on the other side and open back. You should see an X folding. 2. Fold the paper to half to create a rectangle. The folding shold be done in the opposite side of the paper than the previous X folding. Open back.
3. Fold inside the two rectangle sides. The bigger picture shows an upper view and the small diagram shows the folding. 4. Take the corners of the upper triangles and fold down to the center. In the picture the left side is folded and the other just show the folding line.
5. This step creates the frog legs. From the center-bottom fold outside to half. In the picture one side is folded and the other just show the folding line. 6. Turn the paper up side down. Fodl the side corners towards center-up (as show in picture).
7. Take the bottom part and fold up. The folding should be done in exactly where the picture line is draw. 8. Fold the legs again down.
9. The resultů 10. You have two options to create the front legs. The picture shows the first option.
11. Upper view of the finished frog. Gently press its backside against a table to make the frog jump. 12. This is the second option. Fold the legs to the side (instead of just down) as seen in the picture. This frog is more stable.