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1. Take 6 small square papers (as in the office). 2. Let's start with the first paper. Fold it to the middle and open back.
3. Fold one side to the middle line we created before. 4. Fold also the other side.
5. Open one side back. Take on of the opposite corners and fold diagonally inside until reaching the fold you opened. Now fold again the fold you previously opened. 6. From the opposite corner, fold in a similar way to the edge.
7. Open the last folding a bit back, and insert it to the "sleeve". 8. Tighten, and it should look like this.
9. Turn the paper upside down. Fold the paper corner leftovers to the other side, to create a perfect trapeze. 10. Take each corner and fold to the edge of its line. It should create a square base with two opposite triangles from each side.
11. Do all the steps to the six papers. Notice to do the triangle foldings for all papers from the same sides. 12. Let's start building the cube. Take two pieces and connect them while one is horizinal and the other vertical.
13. Take another horizinal part and connect from the other side. 14. Turn over the already built parts and from the other side connect another part that vertically stands.
15. Use the picture to connect this part. 16. Connect additional piece from above. Notice that now it connects to others and others connect to it.
17. Connect it to the other parts. Use the last part to do the same on the other side. 18. The result!