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1. Take a square paper, fold to a triangle and open back. Do the same on the other side and open back. You should see an X folding. 2. Turn over the paper. Fold to the center on both sides (to make it look like a closet). Open the folding back.
3. Do the same to the other 2 left sides. 4. Now the paper has folding lines as the Tic Tac Toe game, but with a diagonal in the center.
5. Turn over the paper and fold one corner to half , to the center. The picture show the step in the middle. 6. Turn the paper back. Attach both diagonal sides to the center (the diagonal that is vertical to the corner folding from the previous step). Try to understand from the picture.
7. Flatten the tail to the back to make it look like a triangle with an upper open side. Create legs on both sides by folding to a triangle with a corner to the back. The seal body is ready. It is better not to tighten the folding too much to give it a three-dimentional effect. 8. Take another color paper for the tail.
9. Fold it in zig-zap/accordion manner, each fold to another side. To make it look like an hand-held fan tighten one side and open the other. Attach it with a stapler to inside the seal body. 10. The finished seal!