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1. Prepare about 12 office square papers at the size of about 10X10 cm for a small ball and about 30 if you prefer to create a large one. 2. Fold the paper to half and open back.
3. Fold one side to the previous center line. 4. Do the same on the other side.
5. Open back the last folding (only one side). Fold the corner to the quarter line to create a small triangle. 6. Take the other side corner (with the quarter folding) and fold until it reaches the small triangle.
7. Open the big triangle (we will soon fold it again) and its horizontal quarter folding. On the other side fold the quarter line back. 8. Now we will do the same big and small triangles to the other side but in the opposite way. Fold the small triangle.
9. Now the big one until the small one line. 10. Fold the quarter side again. The triangles should match and create a trapeze.
11. On the other side lift the small triangle and insert the bigger triangle under its line side. 12. Infact, both sides are equal and opposite, and are "closed" in each other like a carton box.
13. Tighten and here is the result. 14. Fold everything to half and bring one corner to the other.
15. Fold this corner back to the other diagonal. 16. Turn it over, and apply the same to the other corner. Tighten the result little triangle well.
17. "Release" it back to the same state as in the picture (the picture show an upper view). 18. Create another piece, maybe in another color. Insert one piece corner inside the inner sleeve of the other piece.
19. Create another piece, and insert its corner to the sleeve of one of the previous pieces. 20. Take the first piece corner and insert to the last piece sleeve. The closing of the "pyramid" will be a bit more difficult.
21. Tighten and here is the result. Connect each corner to the sleeves of additional pieces until a ball is created. The number of connected pyramids will effect the ball size. 22. The picture show a small ball with each 4 pyramids are connected.

Notice not to create many pyramids of 3 and connect them but to create one and connect pieces to it.
23. The picture show a big ball were each 5 pyramids are connected.