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1. Prepare at least 30 office square papers at the size of about 10X10 cm. 2. Fold the paper to half.
3. Fold one part in the middle to the other direction. 4. Fold also the other part in the middle to the other direction. The result should look like accordion.
5. Fold one side to a triangle. The fold direction should be from the 2 paper lines to the 3 paper lines (as in the previous picture). 6. Fold the left paper down to create additional triangle.
7. Now fold the left over paper up. 8. And to the right…
9. Fold the left over paper to the back (which creates another full triangle). The result should look as in the picture. 10. Repeat and create another piece with a different color. Insert one piece corner to the second piece center.
11. The picture show the connected pieces. We advise using glue so the parts will not break apart. 12. Connect another piece with different color to the other pieces. Notice that all piece are inserted the next piece and has each has a piece inserted to it.
13. We have made 3 pieces until now but need to do about 30. Start connecting additional pieces to our already made one. Start connecting each 5 pyramids together to create the ball shape. 14. The final ball.

There is a difficult in creating the ball while using the correct color combinations (so the colors are spread evenly across the ball).