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1. Prepare many office square papers at the size of about 10X10 cm. 2. You need to cut the paper to a equilateral triangle. For that fol the paper to half.
3. Fold the bottom-right corner to our previous vertical line. Open back. 4. Turn over the paper and do the same on the other side. Although not seen in the picture this is also fold to the first vertical line.
5. Cut with scissors the result triangle. If you have another way for creating this triangle… go for it. 6. On each side fold the triangle to half and open back.
7. This is the outcome. 8. Fold each corner to its facing side. Verify the corner is aligned with the center line. Open back.
9. The result after doing on all sides. 10. Fold back inside one of the corners and in the third part fold outside.
11. Do the same on all sides and open it a bit. 12. Combine all like closing a carton box (one side above the other).
13. Tighten well and you have like a six-pointed star. 14. Fold inside the 3 bold corners.
15. Turn over the triangle. 16. Tighten each corner sides to make a shape of a pyramid. Do it strongly although it opens back a bit.
17. Create additional pyramids and connect them as in the picture, corner to corner. 18. Our first pair…
19. To create a large ball you should combine 5 pyramids circles with 6 pyramid circles. Doing a ball from only 6 pyramids is not recommended and will yield a really large ball (see starting of it in picture). 20. To create a small ball you should combine 5 pyramids circles to each other. It is better to glue when attaching the pyramids so they will not disconnect.
21. Side view.