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By Paul Jackson

1. Take a square paper, fold to a triangle and open back. 2. Do the same on the other side and open back. You should see an X folding.
3. Turn over the paper and fold it horizionally and vertically to half. Open the folding back. 4. Using the previous foldings fold the paper to a star shape.
5. Move 3 corners to the left and leave on in the right. Tighten well. 6. You should get a triangle as in the picture.
7. This part is a bit difficult. Pull the botton side towards up. During that it will pull also the botton side paper. In fact both paper parts will be folded to some half way. 8. Tighten to get the following result.
9. Do the same to the other side. 10. Here is the current result.
11. Fold the longer corner up (for this purpose open a bit the previous foldings). 12. Tighten well.
13. Fold the upper corner up to be the bird head and it is finished. Pull according to the arrows directions and the wings will fly. 14. An upper view with open wings.