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1. Take a square paper, fold to a triangle and open back. Do the same on the other side and open back. You should see an X folding. 2. Pull two negetive corners to the center, to create a sharp diamond. Open the foldings back. Do the same on all 4 sides to create folding marks as in the printing.
3. Attach both sides of a corner to each other (use existing folding marks). The extra paper should create a standing triangle. Open this triangle and flatten it in the middle (seen partially in next step. 4. Fold each side of the small triangle to half and below. The picture show the middle of the step.
5. Fold the triangle point down. Do not fold all the point part but leave some space. This will be the face nose. 6. Fold each corner side of the face below the nose. The picture show one part done and other in the middle of step.
7. Turn the face. Fold the two upper corners to the center. Follow the angle as show in the picture. 8. Fold each point part towards outside. This will be the face ears.
9. Turn the face back to its front view. Open the part above the nose and fold it down to make a type of square. Those will be the face eyes. The picture show one eye ready (below), and one eye in the middle of the step (top). 10. Fold the bottom part of the face towards the nose. Make the folding line at the point of our starting folding marks (you can see them at the back of the face).
11. Now open the last folding a bit and grab both sides of the inner paper out. Tighten the folding to the sides and attach the bottom part back again towards the nose. The picture show the middle of the step and before tightening. 12. Fold the point of the bottom from the nose down. The folding line should be at the location were it meets with the lower part of the mouth (see picture).
13. Leave short space and fold up again (like zig-zag). 14. Leave another short space and fold the rest of the paper inside the mouth.
15. Turn over the face. Fold the bottom part (under the mouth) a bit (as in picture) to make the face a bit more circle. 16. The finished faces.